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Nicholas Kahrilas is the President and CEO of the Kahrilas Group. Nick Kahrilas is committed to serving his clients and making a difference.
Nick Kahrilas, Nicholas Kahrilas
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Nick Kahrilas

CEO, President

As President and CEO of Kahrilas Group, Nicholas Kahrilas has assembled an experienced group of experts in insurance, investments (traditional and alternative), wealth management, taxation and estate planning. Nicholas Kahrilas has over twenty seven years of professional business experience and has started and run companies. During his career Nick has completed transactions with aggregate value of over $1 billion.

Nick Kahrilas and his team at Kahrilas Group provide risk and tax-management strategies to private clients which combine multiple proven techniques to optimize after-tax returns and minimize financial risk. Having lead numerous successful businesses over the years, Nick endeavors to provide unparalleled results in managing his client’s assets and financial portfolios.

Nicholas Kahrilas’ Charity Work

In addition to his financial prowess, Nick Kahrilas is committed to serving the community and those in need. Nick often volunteers his time at local community events, cancer walks and continuously advises his clients on the benefits of giving back. “Not only can you help your finances with charitable trusts and donations, but it simply feels good to make a difference and help others,” says Nick.

As part of his work Nicholas Kahrilas has helped clients with the intricacies of charitable trusts and long-term insurance planning. As President of Charitable Ways, Nick Kahrilas worked closely with high net-worth individuals and families interested in benefits and the good they could do with charitable donations.

By creating and donating insurance policies of various kinds, such as charitable lead trusts, Nicholas Kahrilas was able to offer wealthy families important strategies to limit abundant estate taxes. Allowing them to enjoy a greater portion of their wealth.

Nick Kahrilas’ Career Notes

  • Prior to starting the Kahrilas Group, Nick Kahrilas was the President of NSK Enterprises which is an Insurance Agency and underwrote over a billion dollars of Insurance.
  • Monster Lending brokered the largest first trust deed loan on a residential property in Beverly Hills, California. The loan was for 40 million dollars on the world famous Beverly House.
  • One of a few founding members of Targa Trophy. A premier event only open to select makes and models of modern/vintage supercar, exotic, sports & luxury cars.
  • In 2005, Nick Kahrilas and his partners placed over $250 million in face-amount of financed life insurance.
  • 2006 was a record breaking year with $135 million in approved policies to be funded in the first quarter of 2006, and over $400 million in applications in various stages of processing.
  • Also in 2005, Nicholas Kahrilas and his partners sold over $150 million in face-amount of financed life insurance, exceeding our clients’ expectations by earning a return 12 months prior to the anticipated sale date.