Kahrilas Group | Cole and Nick Kahrilas Place 3rd In Annual Pop Tennis Tournament
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02 Nov Cole and Nick Kahrilas Place 3rd In Annual Pop Tennis Tournament

The United States Paddle Tennis Association (USPTA) recently hosted the annual U.S. Open Doubles Pop Tennis Championships in Venice, CA. Previously known as Paddle Tennis, the association changed this year to the catchier “Pop Tennis.”

Father and Son team Cole and Nick Kahrilas had previously won the US Open A Division in 2014 and were looking to get it done again in 2016. This was not the case, but they gave it their best effort and were able to place third.

“My dad is really good for his age and its fun to play with him,” said Cole, “But the competition level has risen so much in this sport that to win these tournaments going forward I will need a younger quicker partner to get the job done.”

Nick Kahrilas and Son Cole in 2014

The annual premier tournament hosted by the USPTA at Venice Beach draws each year the worldʼs best paddle tennis players and offers competition for all ability levels. The tournament is hosted on 11 ocean-side courts adjacent to the Venice Beach boardwalk creating a fun and pleasant competitive atmosphere.

“Pop Tennis is such a fun sport to play and I am so fortunate that my son and I can compete as a team at this high level,” said Nick Kahrilas, “But unfortunately we came up a bit short as the competition has really picked up.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Pop Tennis it is a sport adapted from tennis almost 100 years ago. It is played on courts very similar to tennis courts but they are roughly two-thirds of a full tennis court in size. Players use high-tech solid paddles to play and can play in both singles and doubles. The scoring for Pop Tennis is the same as tennis and players use a tennis ball that has been punctured with a needle to make the ball a little less active. The high-tech paddles are powerful and top players often hit the ball at high speeds, making the sport fast and exciting to watch and play.

Venice Beach US Open Doubles Pop Tennis Championship

“The sport is very popular with tennis players, even the best in the world. Recently Maria Sharapova was out hitting with her boyfriend and American star tennis pros Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish and Sam Querrey have come out lately to take on some of the locals,” says John Coray, president of the USPTA.

You can learn more about Pop Tennis, events and registration at www.TheUSPTA.com

We hope to see you out there!

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